If EFT Tapping Gave You A Cold Or Flu

If EFT Tapping Gave You A Cold Or Flu

I often get people contacting me saying that they think they got flu or a cold as a result of doing EFT or other energy work, such as Reiki, kinesiology, or hands-on healing. Of course, any healing modality can have what is called a healing reaction or healing crisis. This is when symptoms suddenly appear after a session. It can include backache, headache, stiff neck and shoulders, tears, anger, moodiness, a rash, and flu or cold symptoms. Such a strong reaction is rare and will soon pass. Most people simply sleep a little more than normal after an EFT session and may feel tired for a day or so afterwards as their energy settles.

This particular article concentrates on flu and cold symptoms in particular. Whilst of course it is possible to get cold or flu as a healing crisis after EFT, there is another train of thought that is often presented to me, and in my opinion unnecessarily. Sometimes people write to me and ask if they are psychologically reversed or resistant, citing getting flu after a session. They wonder if getting flu is because part of them does not want to heal and attend that social occasion, work presentation, job interview, or hot date that they were doing EFT about. Of course, it may well be that the EFT work did not manage to catch all the aspects, so part of the tapper was still afraid of the forthcoming event and as a result ended up with flu. And it is well-known that stress reduces immunity. So that makes perfect sense.

And sometimes people say that they tapped whilst coming on with flu about a forthcoming stressful event, ended up with full-on flu and could not attend. However, let us look at this from another angle. What if the coming on with flu was the reason why the tapper missed many aspects of tapping on the emotional event? This would have left them more prone to fully allowing the flu virus into their body than a more specific tapping for the top priority of the moment. Let me explain. EFT works when we are being specific. The same goes for flu as for any emotion. So by tapping for ¨this flu¨, we are probably more likely to get results from the tapping. If we had tapped for the flu, then maybe we could have made the event.

The ¨physical¨ affects the ¨emotional¨ just as the ¨emotional¨ affects the ¨physical¨, and as a scientist by training, I find it hard to make a distinction between the two. For example, I have helped people with depression when we discovered they had a problem with the Borna virus and tapped on that. The Borna virus has been linked to depression. And Adenovirus 36 can cause weight gain, and after finding and tapping on that, my client´s weight often normalises. Another example is a common yeast overgrowth called Candida. This can cause depression, nervousness, irritability, and forgetfulness. By tapping regularly on ¨this candida¨, I have witnessed remarkable results. I honestly do not know how this happens but have observed it too many times to ignore it. So, if you think you are coming down with flu, it is a good idea for you to tap on ¨this flu¨ or ¨this virus¨, every hour on the hour, as well as any other tapping you need to do.

Source by Suzanne Zacharia



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