The Difference between Types I and II Supernovae

Type I and Type II supernovae have some characteristics in common while others are vastly different. Type I supernovae consist of explosions of white dwarf stars composed primarily of oxygen and carbon. The white dwarf absorbs the mass of a colliding nearby neutron star to increase to a mass of 1.4 times our sun. Ensuing […]

Does a Bulb Light Zapper Really Work for Mosquitoes?

Ahhh Summer! When you live someplace like Cedar Rapids, IA, where the snow piles high during the winter (at which time you daydream about any season but winter), you want to take full advantage of the months when you can extend your living space beyond your exterior walls. If you have problems with mosquitoes, that […]

What to Do When You Owe the IRS

If you receive a tax bill this summer for outstanding taxes, you are expected to pay that bill in full including any penalties and interest. If you can not pay the outstanding balance, it is sometimes prudent to get a loan to pay the bill in full rather than make install payments to the IRS. […]

Am I a Mother – Tips for Handling Mother’s Day After Miscarriage

Are you spending this Mother’s Day wondering if you are, in fact, a mother? 900,000-1 million women in the U.S. alone face this question every year after suffering pregnancy loss. «For women who experience a miscarriage during their first pregnancy, the question of motherhood is an even greater one,» says Lisa Church of HopeXchange, a […]

Astronomers Find Our Sun’s Twin Sister

Our Star, the Sun reigns majestically at the very heart of our Solar System–a roiling, broiling perfect sphere of searing-hot plasma. Despite its many sparkling attributes, our Sun is a lonely, solitary Star, as it shines with its beautiful, brilliant, and fierce light in Earth’s daytime sky. But our Sun was not always so alone […]

Panasonic HDC-SD10 Lightweight HD Camcorder

The HDC-SD10 from Panasonic weighs in a just 227g making it an extremely portable HD camcorder. Small enough to be placed in a pocket or bag yet big enough to hold securely to take great HD video footage. With no moving parts (such as a DVD or HDD) this camcorders is extremely durable and won’t […]

Things To Learn From Zoom Web Media Reviews

In addition to direct transactions like online banking, the behavior of user with respect to the Internet is often found absurd. After visiting a website for information, a user hardly reads anything during the average time of visiting a website. This is amply proved by numerous researches that were conducted over the years. Recent studies […]

Subconscious Drives Make You Unhappy

Feelings and emotions are nerve impulses. The feel of paper and the flush of shame. Feelings and emotions are relayed as nerve impulses. Nerve endings or sensors report on feelings from tissues all over the body. These sensations include sharp pain, burning pain, cool or warm temperature, itching, muscle contraction, joint movements, soft touch, mechanical […]

Learn About the Stages of Cervical Cancer Part I

When being diagnosed for cervical cancer, it is important to know what stage it is in. This information will allow the doctor to plan the treatment according to how advanced the cancer is. There are 5 separate stages, several of which are subdivided. The first stage is Stage 0. In stage 0, cancer is found […]

New Scary Suspect In A Strange Supernova Mystery!

A supernova is commonly thought of as the immense explosion that heralds the «death» of a massive star, in what is termed a Type II or core-collapse event. When a heavy star has finished consuming its necessary, nourishing supply of hydrogen fuel, it normally goes supernova–a blast so bright that it can briefly out-dazzle the […]



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