Is Cold Weather Beneficial For Testosterone

Perhaps you were not aware of the fact that seasonal changes coincide with changes in blood testosterone concentrations. If so, then you are not alone. A report that was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism examined free and total testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), which is a hormone in the brain that […]

Why Pets Are Attached To Their Owners

A friend once lost one of her pets and was so distraught she mourned it for weeks. Some people do not understand the attachment she had to the poor puppy. While majority of people cannot understand why a human being should love his or her pets more than even human beings, pet lovers, on the […]

Genetic Risk Evaluation Before Attempting to Conceive With Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment is a unique opportunity to detect and prevent the transmission of genetic diseases to future children. In addition to genetic screening, embryo testing can be performed during in vitro fertilization-IVF to detect those that do not carry the disease and exclude unhealthy ones. This process is called PGD-preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Genetic concerns arise […]

What is a Plant Whisperer?

All things are made of shifting energy particles, even our thoughts and emotions. The coffee cup on your desk looks and feels solid, but it is not solid. You and I are not solid. Everything in the universe is made of energy and everything is moving. There are people so sensitive to the energy of […]

The Role and Importance of EIA

Environmental protection and resource management has conventionally been given importance all over the world which has increased in recent time. The ancient practices taught people to live in perfect harmony with nature. However, industrialization, urbanization and changing life styles over the years have affected environment drastically in causing pollution and environment degradation. What is EIA […]

A Superluminous Supernova Surprise

Supernovae are the most brilliant and powerful stellar blasts known, and their fierce traveling light can be observed all the way out to the very edge of the visible Universe. When a doomed massive star has managed to consume its necessary supply of nuclear-fusing fuel – that has kept it bouncy against the relentless crush […]

Are You a Linear or Global Thinker?

To determine if you are a linear or global thinker, you first need to understand how a thinking style is different from a learning style. In basic terms, a learning style is how you receive new information. The three primary learning styles are Visual, Auditory, and Tactile. But a thinking style is how you process […]

If EFT Tapping Gave You A Cold Or Flu

I often get people contacting me saying that they think they got flu or a cold as a result of doing EFT or other energy work, such as Reiki, kinesiology, or hands-on healing. Of course, any healing modality can have what is called a healing reaction or healing crisis. This is when symptoms suddenly appear […]

Online Job Search Techniques

There’re many ways to conduct online job search. However, many job seekers only think of posting resumes and searching opportunities on big job sites like,, and etc. There’s nothing wrong with it, but according to a survey conducted by, of all hires in 2002, only 3.6% come from, 1.5% come […]



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